Power/Power Control Design

Tri Tech Automation takes pride in our ability and extensive capabilities to deliver big power designs. This is part of our strategy to be a single point of contact for your project execution needs. Switchgear and MCCs are the core of a facility power distribution and often overlooked or underserved by the system integration community. Making your power control a part of your overall controls strategy is a must in the digital world. We are not only very capable in this arena, but actively look to bring this under our scope.

We provide everything from standard MCC and Switchgear designs and products to very customized and heavily engineered retrofits. Some of our offerings include:

  • Standard MCC or switchgear
  • Engineered MCCs with accelerated time to market
  • Intelligent connected motor control centers using Ethernet or bus networks
  • Zone safety and integrated safety IO
  • Custom buckets for existing MCC expansion or modifications
  • IEEE61850 Integration for Smart Motor Controls

Tri Tech Automation has an extensive library of Tri Tech standard bucket designs including drives, motor starters, network and IO buckets.

Our Approach Toward Power/Power Control Design

We take the approach of looking at your power control as another critical part of your overall controls infrastructure and strategy. It is just as important of a piece of the puzzle as your PLC/PAC, HMI, Network, ETC. Utilizing intelligent, safety enabled, and auto configurable devices in your power control strategy will allow you to collect the data you need while maximizing uptime.

  • Smart motor controls
  • Data enabled power monitoring
  • Network and IO custom buckets
  • Zone e-stop and safety control
  • Reduced wiring and installation through network protocols

By leveraging smart devices in our designs, customers have access to information, methods of control, and increased safety that they otherwise would not in most standard designs.

Benefits of Working With Tri Tech Automation Power/Power Control Design

Tri Tech Automation takes pride in being very easy to work with and customer focused. We do everything we can to make sure that our customers get exactly what they want and need in their power and control systems. By staying current on all new standards and technologies and educating our customers to allow them to make informed decisions, they can be assured that their power and control designs will meet the demands of a changing world.

Our design team is led by an Electrical Engineer with a PE in power and control and is located at our corporate office. Oftentimes working directly with a manufacturer requires collaborating with engineers not located in the U.S., which add complexity to the process through language barriers as well as extreme time zone offsets.

At Tri Tech we are capable of providing everything from standard power designs to the obscure or very challenging. Our ability to provide the designs and fabrication in a cost effective and timely manner often makes going with us an easy decision.

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