Our Capabilities in the Oil & Gas Industry

With industry consolidation and the push for alternative fuels in today’s competitive marketplace, oil and gas companies are under immense pressure to meet the rising global need for energy. To do this, they must maximize oil and gas recovery from both conventional and unconventional sources as well as drive innovation throughout their entire process. This is why oil and gas companies in onshore and offshore environments around the world count on Tri Tech Automation to apply our industry expertise in designing solutions that are robust, safe, and scalable.

We have the oil and gas equipment, software, and resources you need to help you reduce energy consumption, upgrade legacy systems, and make better use of the data you generate. From simple standalone equipment to multi-well control and information systems, Tri Tech Automation’s solutions are designed to support each facet of your process with capabilities that include:

  • Gas Processing
  • Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas production
  • Oil and Gas Gathering
  • Wellhead monitoring and control
  • Custody Transfer Implementation
  • Pipeline Engineering, Planning and Design
  • Debottlenecking
  • Chemical / Petrochemical Refining
  • Overall Process Control, Information, and Reporting Systems
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Pump and Compressor Control

What Makes Tri Tech Automation Different

Tri Tech Automation can help you visualize and control production from the well-head to the point of custody transfer—either on site or from miles away—with a thoroughly designed remote monitoring solution. When it comes to engineering, maintenance, purchasing, budgeting, logistics, personnel, equipment, infrastructure, and everything in between—we are different because we take a holistic view of your business and propose the best and most viable solutions possible. Check out what else makes us the best partner in the oil and gas industry:

Full Project Execution

We have the capabilities to design, fabricate, and deliver all portions of a project in house. This makes us a one stop shop for a driller to get projects executed.

Driven by Innovation

This goes from how we execute projects to what we are delivering to customers. The energy market demands are constantly changing, so we try to think one step ahead.

75 Years Experience

We bring our years of experience to the table in order to perfect American Manufacturing and help make the United States the most profitable country in the world.

Oil & Gas Automation Solutions

Tri Tech Automation solutions connect to all production data, logically organizes it, and provides real-time visibility and production intelligence across operations—and to have better visibility means you can make better business decisions. Leveraging our extensive operational consulting experience, we have completed hundreds of solutions in the oil and gas industry. Our projects include:

  • Offshore – Offshore development is becoming more challenging. For greater production efficiency and to keep your workforce safe, our high availability controllers meet requirements for process control applications, including turbines, compressor controls, pump controls, turbo machinery controllers, and blowout preventers.
  • Onshore – We can help optimize your oilfield with a variety of digital solutions. Oil field optimization can lead to significant cost savings through aggregation of data collected from well heads, pipelines, remote tank level monitoring, etc.
  • Refining – We perform upgrades and optimizations for energy companies around the world and can help refine their production by efficiently integrating process and motor control. Our team has gained best practices from working in related industries, such as upstream energy.
  • Pipeline and Transportation – Our effective pipeline management capabilities can keep your oil, gas, and petroleum products safely flowing 24/7. Whether your pipelines are old, new, remote, unmanned, or pass by near city centers, we bring years of experience to any project.