Controls Engineering Solutions

Tri Tech Automation provides world-class control system solutions in a wide variety of markets and industries. Using our mature project workflows and extensive highly engineered tool sets and methods, we are able to deliver projects faster, better, and rightsized for whatever the challenge.

Some common specialties that we deliver include:

  • Advanced Process Control Systems
  • Batching Systems
  • Discrete Control Systems
  • Material Handling Systems

Some of our markets that we service include:

  • Midstream Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage
  • Specialty Chemical
  • Cement and Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Water/Waste Water
  • And Others

Our Approach Toward Industrial Networking Solutions

Tri Tech Automation follows a very detailed and proven methodology and workflow in all of our projects. By making this investment and doing things in a methodical and proven engineering method, we have greatly increased the probability of delivering a successful project and created a very positive experience for our customers.

We strive to partner with our customers to ensure that they get exactly what they need in controls engineering projects. By getting the right people together early and often in the project lifecycle, we greatly increase the probability of delivering a successful project as defined by both our customer as well as Tri Tech Automation.

Controls Engineering Services


The earlier you get us involved with your project, the higher the probability of total success that we collectively will have. This often means assisting in the conceptualization of the project using our consulting services. Tri Tech Automation is well versed in providing guidance in defining an automation project, cost justification, project scope creation, and system architecting.

It is often the case that a customer gets a project and doesn’t know where to start or has a project that they know will save the company money but doesn’t know how to get it approved.

Engineering & Design

Our design process starts with the system architecting that happens at the proposal phase and is ultimately owned by the project engineer(s). Our design team is lead by a registered Professional Engineer with over 13 years of experience in industrial electrical design. Tri Tech Automation’s design team has 3 UL508A Manufactures Trained Representatives and is experienced in designs from switch gear, to MCCs, to control panels for all types of process both classified and unclassified.

Tri Tech Automation has spent countless hours and investment dollars to develop tools that drive velocity, quality, consistency, and accuracy.

  • We utilize AutoCAD electrical with an exhaustive library of standard devices. This allows us to create our designs incredibly fast.
  • Our library contains information that is directly used by our CNC tooling to cut, drill, tap, and etch control panels, sub panels, and any other steel or stainless steel enclosure or plate involved in the design. This cuts hours or even days from the fabrication process as well as increases accuracy and precision.
  • Embedded in the AutoCAD Electrical design is a BOM that is automatically generated and is formatted to import directly into our parts-ordering tool in our project tracking and financial system. This too increases velocity, accuracy, and eliminates human errors

Programming & Software Development

Tri Tech Automation’s standardized approach to project delivery includes a structured approach to program development. This starts with a discovery phase in many cases where requirements are gathered from the customer project team and is often comprised of staff from operations, quality, IT, maintenance, and safety. From this discovery process we create a functional specification outlining key components of the application, such as process sequencing, alarming, scaling, units, user levels, and other key components that come from the interviews.

After the approval of the functional specification, Tri Tech Automation will create an application that meets all of the requirements and functionality outlined in the functional specification. This is done using our feature-rich standard code libraries and code replication tools to decrease time to market as well as greatly increase accuracy. Our base PLC and HMI libraries are filled with advanced features and functionality at no extra charge to our customers.

Simulation & Testing

Tri Tech Automaton simulates and tests every program we create. We have simulation libraries built into our code replication tools and base applications that minimize that time to create the simulation environment while providing a medium fidelity simulation experience. Using soft PLCs such as emulators or our engineering lab continuing a multitude of flavors of PLCs from several manufacturers, we work out every issue possible without having the real-world process connected. This minimizes startup time as well as code errors during commissioning.

Startup & Commissioning

Tri Tech Automation has a very experienced staff of engineers that are experts in working at customer sites. With a focus on safety as well as a “get it done” mentality. Nearly 100% of our engineers are MSHA Part 48B certified (Mining Safety and Health Administration), OSHA 10 certified, or both and often have a multitude of other safety program certifications. Our “customer first” core value continues to be apparent through the startup and commissioning process.


During this phase of our project life cycle, all record documentation will be updated and transferred to the customer. If there is an opportunity to do so, we like to have a “lessons learned” meeting with the stakeholders. Our customers are our partners and we are always looking for ways to improve our delivery and strengthen the relationship.

Benefits of Working With a Tri Tech Control Systems Engineer

The Tri Tech core values are at the center of everything that we do. By embodying these values our engineers are customer focused, take ownership, and perform at a high level.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Automation allows more to get done and limits the possibility of human error all at once. An engineer can build a process that increases the efficiency of your production 24/7.

Lower operating costs

Certain automated processes can do in seconds what an employee may need several days to complete, in turn saving you the cost of labor as well as energy because of the lower heating requirements with automated operations.

Maximized labor

When your labor force retires or moves on, you need a process in place to make up for that demand in labor. A solution from one of our control systems engineers will help automate certain procedures that can help you continually maximize labor, no matter the turnover.

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