Control Panel/Equipment Fabrication

At Tri Tech Automation we strive to be your single source for all your electrical project needs. This includes controls equipment ranging from control panels, to process skids, to PDC’s, to custom engineered MCC’s. Whether we are doing the design or your design is already done, our fabrication center will deliver for your project with unmatched quality and speed to market.

  • UL508A for General Purpose
  • UL1203 for Hazardous Locations with Purged Enclosures
  • UL698A for Hazardous Locations using IS Barriers
  • PLC Control Panels
  • Marshalling Panels
  • Drives Panels
  • Heat Trace Panels
  • Custom Engineered MCCs
  • Process/Chemical Mixing Skids

Our team has extensive experience finding solutions to complex equipment issues that others say no to. Creativity and innovation are in our DNA and we are ready to solve your problems.

Our Approach Toward Control Panel/Equipment Fabrication

The team takes a very simple approach toward building your controls equipment: we understand your challenges, design a solution that fixes them, and build your equipment to last decades. We do not take shortcuts and we do not cut corners. It’s the little things that are done in the building process that will save hours and hours of downtime in the field.

  • The best electrical connection. Wire ferrules on every wire.
  • Noise Immunity: Shielded Analog Cable, Good Voltage Segmentation, and 600V Rated Ethernet Cables.
  • Grounding and Bonding the Right way. It takes more than just Grinding Paint Off.
  • UL Crimped Lugs and Ferrules.
  • All Components Torqued to Spec and Verified.
  • Reduced Wires for Fewer Failure Points. More Bus Systems and IFM Systems.
  • Panel Shop Automation for Reduced Lead Times.
  • Detailed Manufacturing Processes for Traceability.
  • Unmatched Quality Program at each Step of the Manufacturing Process.

The team is passionate about our work and dedicated to putting out the best product on the market. Your equipment needs to be well built so that your team can support it in the field.

Benefits of Working With Tri Tech Automation for your Controls Equipment Needs

By selecting Tri Tech Automation for your controls equipment needs, you are gaining an expert partner in this space. We are here to look out for your needs and make a positive impact on your company. Having well-built equipment, with the smartest devices, will allow your technical team to keep your facility up and running. Whether you need full design/build services or already have your design done, our dedication and approach to quality and the product remains the same: Put out a product that is second to none.

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