Driving Standards

Designing and implementing equipment and systems that can be supported and maintained long term is essential to success.  By developing a thorough set of standards that include hardware, software, programming, and supply chain we can maximize the overall up time of our system by reducing maintenance and repair time.

Tri Tech Automation strives to work with our partners to develop rigorous plant standards that are focused on ease of long term maintenance and high availability.  By selecting, implementing, and maintaining a set of standards, long term maintenance costs, critical spare cost, and expedite costs are driven down.  This also lends itself to a shorter maintenance and repair cycle that directly correlates to higher up time.  Maintaining a high level of up time is the best way to drive more profitability to the bottom line.

Most people think of having plant standards strictly in terms of hardware.  At Tri Tech Automation, we take it several steps farther.  Having hardware standards is of the utmost importance.  It allows the plant support staff to be more knowledgeable on the controls platform installed as well as minimize critical spares needed.   However, concepts like code standardization, software standardization, and supply chain standardization are equally as critical.  By implementing standard code practices, plant support staff will have a better working understanding of each line due to similarity.  Software packages that are needed interface seamlessly with one another will save enormous amounts of troubleshooting time  Designing systems with hardware that is readily available, in stock, and at a reasonable point in the products life-cycle will eliminate downtime and expedite costs.  Helping to d standards in the facility will lead to reduce waste and drive profitability.