Advancing Technology

Over 100 billion dollars in aging and obsolete automation equipment exists in the global manufacturing environment.  As automation products near end of the manufacturer’s lifecycle, price begins to rise again and availability decreases.  Eventually only used parts will be found on Ebay and other websites and not covered by manufacturer warranty.  Costs can become prohibitively expensive and reliability of this used equipment is unknown.  Proactively replacing this equipment will prevent unplanned downtime, costly replacement parts, and expensive next day shipping rates.Another major benefit to upgrading automation technology is increased features, higher bit resolution, more specialty modules, plug-n-play functionality, increased data feedback, increased network visibility, and much more.At Tri-Tech Automation, upgrading obsolete equipment is as easy as requesting a quote, allowing us to evaluate your situation and needs, and finding a down period to install once designed and simulated.  These types of project are typically capitalized, which makes funding much easier in most cases.  We can also help with project justification.